From Marlie's owners:
"We have been utilizing Making Paw Prints for nearly 6 years now and we are obviously very satisfied. We started out with puppy visits (a few times a day) to one nice long walk each afternoon. Rain or shine, sleet or snow, they always show up as expected. Marlie has grown up with a few of the walkers and gets very excited when he sees them!
Vicki and her team of dog walkers are also professional, responsible, trustworthy and respectful. They always make sure that our pet's paws are nice and clean after a walk. Their service is also very flexible which makes the experience hassle free. I would highly recommend Making Paw Prints!!"

From Aura's owners:
"Our five year old Whippet, Aura, has been a long time valued client. With Making Pawprints, we have walkers we can trust to come to our home & take care of her. She is so excited to see her walkers and runs to the door when they arrive. Aura always gets her walk, a treat, her water refreshed, and lots of cuddles. We always receive a written report after each visit.
We highly recommend Making Pawprints and Aura gives Making Pawprints an enthusiastic 2 paws up"

From Oban's owners:
"We have been using Making Pawprints for our 4 year old dog Oban since he was 8 weeks old and we could not be happier! We really enjoy the detailed notes about each walk and know that Oban is in good hands. He always arrives back home relaxed and happy from his walks.
We also appreciate how accommodating they are with our schedule as our needs change each week. Vicki has always been helpful and quick to respond to any of our last minute changes. Making Pawprints is a reliable and professional service, we would always trust them with our dog! "

From the Golden Brothers, Hoover and MacGyver:
"Mac and I want to let everyone know that Kim and Candace are the best dog walkers ever!
We may not be the easiest pair of goldens to walk, since I am 12 and Mac is 3...we have a tendency to walk at different speeds... That being said, they still manage to keep us inder control while giving us the freedom to sniff.Mac doesn't care what the weather is like - he is always willing to go. However, I am not so keen when it is raining but I know that I will get my reward at the end of the walk after they dry me off (the best part!)
When we hear Kim or Candace coming down the walk we race to the front door to greet them. The notes they leave for our owners are always informative, honest and funny...they even get told when we misbehave!!"

From Kewpyd's owners:
'Making Paw Prints has been our dog walking and pet sitting service for more than 5 years. We have been thrilled with their service the entire time and always recommending them to friends in the area. The walkers are fabulous, friendly and reliable; you can tell that they are animal lovers, like us. When it is raining, they take the time to wipe off wet paws. When it's hot, they make sure the water bowl is full. We went through a rough time when our dog Sparky was very sick with cancer, but we knew that he was being loved and cared for on his walks when we were not home during the day. Our new dog Kewpyd is equally in love with her walkers, Suzanne and Lina. It is hilarious that they have found Kewpyd a boyfriend - a beautiful chocolate lab who is as crazy as she is! Kewpyd starts to watch the front door around 11:45 waiting for one of her special "Aunties" to come take her out. The woofing starts at noon. The owners and office staff go out of their way to accommodate special requests and last minute schedule changes. I give them 10 out of 10 for customer service. It is obvious that they care about their clients. We feel so lucky to have found such a great service."

From Cooper's owners:
"For the past five years, we have used Paw Prints to give us peace of mind. We are at work all day and knowing that Cooper is getting out with our very responsible and trustworthy walker lifts a big weight off our shoulders. We look forward to our daily reports on Cooper's visit and we love the flexibility with scheduling. We know that we can depend on Paw Prints to be available any day or time of the week."

From Palmer, Maddie and Remi's owners:
"Making Pawprints was recommended to us by friends and we could not be happier! Our walker, Angela, has her hands full with our "3 Amigos," but she handles them effortlessly, and we enjoy reading our daily report with her thoughtful comments. The dogs love Angela and it gives us peace of mind knowing they are being looked after with the same care as we do."

From Jack's owner:
"If you have ever met Jack, he is a dog only his owner can love - them and the folks at Making Pawprints. I have been a client since the first week we brought Jack home and they have help us through all of his crazy times. Jack has had more then a few medical issues and the walkers always take special care with him, even though he puts them through their paces. Knowing that walkers like Ginny are taking great care of Jack put me at ease. And I can't forget the office staff that is so great helping to facilitate any changes or special requests we may have."

From Ben's owners, Shamir and Roy:
"Our dog Ben has been walked by Pawprints for almost 10 years. They are reliable and caring and we are very pleased with the attention they give to Ben. Given our hectic schedules, we would not be able to offer our dog the exercise he needs without the help of Pawprints."

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